The share of AMD processors among Steam users has exceeded 25%, and this is not the limit

AMD, led by Lisa Su, continues to achieve victory after victory in the CPU market thanks to its Zen architecture. Another important milestone is that in monthly surveys among Steam users, the share of the company’s processors is already more than 25% (25.75% in September versus 24.91% in August), and this figure is growing every month by about 1 percentage point.


Now, on the verge of launching new chips, AMD is decisively promoting its new processors, primarily as gaming ones, which the company has never done. Over the past decade, AMD processors have been at a disadvantage in gaming compared to Intel almost all the time.

In early 2011, AMD decided to gain popularity due to the multi-core Bulldozer architecture and for a long time, its processors were not the best choice for gaming PCs. It wasn’t until 2017 with the first generation of Ryzen that the company began to return as a full-fledged competitor to Intel in the CPU market. Although the first generation was still inferior in games, it offered more cores, more affordable prices, and good IPC performance. This allowed the company to start regaining market share, especially among enthusiasts.

Today, in the current generation of Ryzen 3000 desktop processors with Zen 2 architecture, for the first time since 2006, AMD is on par with Intel in gaming benchmarks, sometimes even outperforming the competition. If the company’s new Ryzen 5000 processors with Zen 3 architecture can truly deliver gaming excellence, we could see a dramatic shift in market share in AMD’s favor. Already, AMD is rapidly closing the gap with Intel, even in its traditionally difficult laptop market. If it can beat Intel in the gaming race, it has every chance of dominating the consumer market as a whole.

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