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Google’s Shopping Gift Guide Shows the Hottest Gifts for 2020

Can’t decide what to get your friends and loved ones? Google is happy to help.

The shopping time of the year is here. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the books, and now it’s time to get those gifts for friends and loved ones.


As fun as shopping is, it can also be rather stressful. You want to make sure you get your friends and love ones something they’ll enjoy. Google is looking to help you decide with its new Shopping Gift Guide, as the company announced on The Keyword.

Google created a simple tool that lets you choose the type of person you need to shop for and see the most popular gifts for that sort of person. You can shop for chefs, techies, athletes, decorators, wellness gurus, gamers, and kids. Chances are, the people you need to shop for have at least some interest in one of these categories, so the guide should be able to help.

Clicking on The Gamer, for example, will show you the top video game products. As you might expect, the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S dominate the top slots. As popular as those are, they’re also impossible to find, so good luck getting anyone on your list one of those devices.

Outside of the new consoles, you’ll also see games like the latest Call of Duty, PS5 headsets, FIFA, and so on. In total, the list shows 14 popular items in the video game category.

Google shopping gift guide

Not all categories feature the same quantity of items. For example, The Techie has 16 items, of which the top item is the GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card.

In total, Google has featured 100 trending items across the categories, so it can steer you in the right direction.

One issue I noticed, though, is the items featured tend to be pretty expensive. All of the top items in the gaming category are hundreds of dollars, and the same is true for the techie category. If you’re looking to shop for friends and loved ones on a budget, this list may end up making you sad that you can’t afford all of these items.

Fight it as much as you like, but the holiday season is upon us. That means you need to sit down and come up with gift ideas for the people in your life.

This giant list from Google will certainly help. At the very least, it’ll give you an idea of the type of products that are popular right now. You can use that information to find the gifts that work perfectly for your friends.

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