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Game Developers are Struggling to Scale Down Next-Gen Games for PS4, Xbox One

As many development teams continue to create games for next-gen, some are struggling with adjusting for current-gen releases.

The gaming world is edging closer and closer to the next generation of video game consoles and hardware. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are expected to be coming relatively soon with dozens of games launching alongside them. However, some of these games are also going to be released for the current console generation as well.

Problems with this arise with how developers need to plan around using the full capabilities of the new consoles while also needing to create a version that can run smoothly on the old consoles. In fact, developers have already confirmed that this is a problem that many of them are facing during this transition of generations.

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While gamers that don’t plan on buying the newest console of their choice right away appreciate the ability to play the next generation’s games without upgrading, it causes a new strain for developers. Many of those working on games don’t want to work with hardware that is relatively underpowered when they could instead put all of their time and effort into something that runs better overall. One person to definitely spark this discussion is John Linneman of Digital Foundry.

One weird thing I’ve noticed lately is an aversion of “next-gen” exclusives as if launching a game exclusively for a next-gen machine is “anti-consumer”. This is how it’s worked before – Mario 64 didn’t exist on Super NES and it was a great thing.

— John Linneman (@dark1x) August 13, 2020

Linneman’s tweet prompted other developers to come forward about the pains that come with working on two different console generations at once. Many agree that the development for both generations causes a lot of compatibility issues as well as limitation issues. With many developers initially working with the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X specs before testing their games on the previous generation, many errors are sure to occur.

It is very possible that many games would have much earlier release dates or at least more time for polishing if the development team wasn’t required to make games for both generations. However, the requirement for this style of development is a business decision made to maximize video game sales. It is very unlikely for higher-ups in game studios to listen to the developers stuck in generational limbo unless players make their voices heard as well.

Some gamers disagree with the statements made by Linneman and other developers on Twitter. There are of course many people who are unable to get the newest console and just want to play the newest games. However, Linneman has pointed out in his Twitter replies that this goes against innovation and the effort that goes into fixing issues that would otherwise not exist should be put elsewhere during game development.

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are set to release for Holiday 2020.

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