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Bloodborne PC Port: What to Expect & When

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A PC port of the beloved PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is all but officially confirmed, according to multiple reports.

Streamer and writer CaseyExplosion confirmed with an anonymous source that the game will be coming to PC, and that she has “a lot of faith in the company who’s doing the port, you won’t be disappointed.”

For those just joining me, yes Bloodborne *will* be coming to PC, I’ve had it confirmed by a very trusted source, and I have a lot of faith in the company who’s doing the port, you won’t be disappointed. It genuinely is happening.

— Sloth Mom (@CaseyExplosion) June 4, 2020

Initially, she tweeted about a leaked listing on Steam but it was made to draw attention to several charities benefiting the Black Lives Matter movement. She then asked for anyone to provide her with credible information regarding Bloodborne on PC, and in return she’d donate $100 to the racial justice charity of their choice. She got the tip and donated $110 to the National Bail Fund Network.

Okay, that was fast! I not only know it’s coming to PC, I even know who’s doing the port. 😙👌❤️

$110 to the National Bail Fund Network!

— Sloth Mom (@CaseyExplosion) June 4, 2020

Shortly after CaseyExplosion tweeted out the news, Wario64, who is known for discovering leaks that are confirmed shortly afterwards such as most of the games in the Walmart leak of 2018, teased that a port of Bloodborne is in the near future.

You can play Bloodborne on PC with PS Now…or wait a little longer

— Wario64 (@Wario64) June 4, 2020

Then Imran Khan, former senior editor at Game Informer and current freelancer and Kinda Funny Games cohost, tweeted that he wasn’t going to comment on Bloodborne on PC, but “suffice to say From Soft fans probably have a lot of reasons to be happy in the next two years.”

Not going to comment specifically on Bloodborne on PC rumors, but suffice to say From Soft fans probably have a lot of reasons to be happy in the next two years.

— Imran Khan (@imranzomg) June 4, 2020

In May 2020, a couple of gaming outlets reported on an anonymous source who claimed that the game is in development for PC, and that it could take between 10 months and a year for Sony to announce the port. Even then, the source said not to take their news as 100% confirmation, despite them claiming that their sources come from the gaming industry and ResetEra, a popular source for leaks and rumors.

Here’s what you can expect out of Bloodborne PC and when you can expect it:

What to Expect

This isn’t the only PS4 exclusive planned for release on PC. Death Stranding is coming to the Epic Games Store and Steam on July 14 courtesy of 505 Games, and even includes new features such as high frame-rate support and ultra-wide monitor compatibility according to Polygon. Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC sometime this summer, following a series of rumors according to PC Gamer. Major League Baseball, the Major League Baseball Players Association and Sony Interactive Entertainment announced last December that they have entered into a multi-year partnership to bring MLB: The Show to additional consoles beyond PlayStation ones as early as 2021.

You can technically play Bloodborne on PC right now through PlayStation Now, which allows you to stream console exclusives on PC provided you have a fast enough connection according to PC Gamer. But as Cameron Kunzelman of Kotaku notes, this isn’t a true PC port as you’re streaming the game from what is essentially PS4 hardware. Even then, he found the quality to be pretty good; despite some grainy image quality there was no real input lag between button presses.

A full on PC port of Bloodborne could offer so much more. We can expect the port to include the “The Old Hunters” DLC to make it a complete package, since the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn is the “Complete Edition” which includes the Frozen Wilds expansion and some extra DLC according to the store page in Steam. But I think we’re most excited for the prospect of visual enhancements to the game. Bloodborne is widely considered one of the best games of all time by multiple outlets, but if there was one complaint to be had it’s that it can only run at a maximum of 30 frames per second on PS4. Now being a single player action RPG, 30 FPS is definitely serviceable. However, for something with gameplay that requires aggression and precision, having the game run at 60 or more FPS would be such a welcome imrovement. Note that this is all speculation. We’re not saying that a PC port of Bloodborne is going to be this way for sure.

When to Expect It

A release date for Bloodborne PC hasn’t been confirmed yet.

If a PC port exists, we don’t know how far into development it is. However, given the pattern of Sony’s PS4 exclusives receiving ports – with Death Stranding’s PC port announced on March 2020 and releasing in July (after being delayed from it’s initial release date of June due to the covid-19 pandemic according to Polygon), and Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC port also announced on March 2020 and coming sometime this summer – we can expect a PC port of Bloodborne to come out three to four months after its initial announcement.

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