‘Among Us’ Looks Good As A Game Boy Title


“Among Us” is one of the most popular multiplayer games todayIt uses old-school graphics that appeal to a lot of playersAn animator reimagined how the game would look like on the Game Boy

InnerSloth’s popular multiplayer title “Among Us” is known for its fun, suspenseful gameplay and colorful, quirky designs. It was obviously made to let players focus on pure enjoyment rather than think about so many details like those normally presented in role-playing games and the like.

The game’s simple dynamics and old-school graphics are perfect for the platforms it can currently run on: PC and mobile devices like Android smartphones and iOS devices. A graphic artist, however, thinks that it’s also perfect for a nostalgic gaming device for kids who grew up in the ’90s: the Nintendo Game Boy.

Animator, YouTuber and streamer Lumpy Touch created a video to show just how “Among Us” will look if it was a Game Boy game. The video, titled “Among Us Gameboy’d,” portrayed what it is like to be a Crewmate running along corridors made out of pixel art animation and then getting eaten by the Impostor – who’s the same color as everyone else.

The video starts with graphics showing Lumpy Touch’s icon (which is very reminiscent of another retro spin on “Garfield,” Dualshockers reported), followed by InnerSloth’s logo. It is then followed by the start screen where the player is given the option to choose between Single Player mode and Multiplayer mode.

Among Us Photo: Innersloth

The video says Single Player mode lets users play with CPU-controlled characters. For what it’s worth, whether the CPU characters are Crewmates or Impostors remains unknown.

It’s worth noting that “Among Us” has no official Single Player mode. There’s a fan-made version, but while it’s fun to play, it’s not as fun as playing with other players.

Multiplayer mode, on the other hand, requires players to use the old-school Game Boy Link Cables. For those who don’t know, it’s like LAN connections but from Game Boy handheld to Game Boy handheld. This allows for multiplayer. Lumpy Touch’s “Among Us” for the handheld, however, only allows up to four players.

Once the game commences, players have the option to customize their character’s name and use hats and pets. Players can also change the screen’s color palette to their liking. All characters have the same color throughout the game, however.

The game also pretty much plays the same way as the original but with fewer characters.

Those who want to see the reimagined “Among Us” for themselves can watch the video below:

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