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AMD CEO keynote scheduled for CES 2020 on 12th January

It is getting to that time of year when we start to look forward to CES in the coming year. Before we go further, of course CES 2021 is going to be ‘All-Digital’ in January but touch wood for a return to the physical event in 2022. CES 2021 runs from Monday 11th to Thursday 14th January.

On Tuesday 12th January the AMD CEO, Dr Lisa Su, will step up to provide a keynote speech and presentation. Su will be presenting the AMD vision for the future of research, education, work, entertainment and gaming. However more important for tech enthusiasts it is hinted that “a portfolio of high-performance computing and graphics solutions,” will be unveiled. To get an idea about what AMD might be unveiling one can look at a combination of the company’s official roadmaps, its history, and recent leaks.

With the recent release of the first Zen 3 architecture processors focussed at the higher end of the desktop market one might expect this lineup to be extended downwards. Think about a Ryzen 5 5500X and lower, and even some new Ryzen 3 chips. Other Zen 3 enhanced processor ranges could be in the offing too; Mobile Ryzen processors, and Epyc workstation processors might get the Zen 3 treatment at CES 2021.

Considering GPUs, we have recently seen signs of an AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT being prepared. Such a product could easily be launched alongside a non XT suffixed model, and who knows perhaps the Radeon RX 6600/XT cards too. Lastbut not least AMD could announce some RDNA2 GPUs for laptops.

As a reminder, last year AMD used CES to announce a similar array of new hardware and we reported upon the launch of the RX 5600XT graphics card, the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, and the Ryzen 4000 Series of mobile processors.

Other confirmed CES 2021 keynotes at the time of writing come from; The CTA (organisers of the event), General Motors, and Verizon.

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